Find Out If Your House Has Good Bones

Find Out If Your House Has Good Bones

Get a structural home inspection today

A well-built home is one with a solid foundation and sturdy framework. These structural elements act as a skeleton for your home. Without a strong skeleton, your home is more likely to sag or fall apart. A home inspector from Ian Douglas Inspections will pay specific attention to the structure when inspecting homes in the Granada Hills, CA area.

Don't risk buying a home with a weak skeleton. Invest in a structural home inspection right away.

What lies beneath the surface of your home?

There are many components that make up your home's structure. When we perform a home inspection, our inspector will make sure to go over each one carefully. The structural elements that support your home include:

  • The walls, floors and ceilings
  • The roof, including the trusses, joists, rafters and sheeting
  • Any steel beams, wood beams or columns
  • The foundation slab or concrete pilings

A house must have an intact and up-to-code structure in order to attract potential buyers. Count on the well-trained team at Ian Douglas Inspections for your structural home inspection.