Are You Risking Mold?

Are You Risking Mold?

Moisture reading and mold inspection in Granada Hills, CA

Douglas Ian Kornblatt of Ian Douglas Inspections brings over 40 years of contracting industry experience to his work in premium home inspections in GranataGranada Hills, CA. From homes to schools and commercial buildings, Douglas Ian Kornblatt’s construction industry experience sets his company far apart from the competition.

Boasting decades’ worth of great projects and satisfied customers, Ian Douglas Inspections is the best choice for a GranataGranada Hills inspector for mold or other hidden home issues.

Do you smell something funny?

Unfortunately, mold in your home can mean more than just a bad smell! Inhaling mold spores can lead to severe sinus and respiratory problems.

Don’t risk your family’s health! Ian Douglas Inspections will:

• Take moisture readings to determine your mold risk
• Inspect top-to-bottom for signs of mold
• Connect you with a qualified plumber as needed

Contact Ian Douglas Inspections in GranataGranada Hills, CA for your mold inspection today!