What's Inspected


The structural integrity of any building is the key to it's longevity


You might think off the wheel as the greatest invention of all time. Consider life within the home without running water or flushable toilets.


Much like plumbing, electricity is one of life's true wonders. Waking up to freshly brewed cup of coffee is how I want to start my day.

Ventilation, Heating & Air

In our region of the country temperatures range from the triple digits to those cold and windy nights. It's important that your family will be comfortable inside no matter what the temperature.


One of the major causes of mold in a house are leaks that go undetected. A comprehensive inspection of the roof and attic can often find that leak before it becomes a problem.

There's No Time Like the Present

Contact Ian Douglas Inspections for a thorough home inspector in Granada Hills, CA

Discover the Ian Douglas Difference

Discover the Ian Douglas Difference

Get professional home inspection in Granada Hills, CA

Would you like a home inspector with real expertise? How about a construction industry pro with over 40 years of great building projects under his tool belt?

If so, Douglas Ian Kornblatt of Ian Douglas Inspections is the pro you should call! As a former general contractor with more than four decades of experience constructing homes, schools, medical facilities and other commercial buildings, Douglas has expert knowledge and a keen eye for detail that sets him far apart from typical home inspectors.

Contact Ian Douglas Inspections in Granada Hills, CA for a professional who:

• Brings 40 years of experience to his home inspection work
• Boasts membership in the National Association of Home Inspectors
• Has a reputation for honesty and thorough inspection reports

Why settle for second best? Call Ian Douglas Inspections today!

3 Things Ian Douglas Inspections Can Do for You

1. Quality home inspections. Don't trust the description of a house in a realty ad to give you the full story! If you're considering purchasing a new home in Granada Hills, CA, make sure you receive the full story. Ian Douglas Inspections produces reports that leave nothing out, including the home's structure, electrical and plumbing, HVAC system and roof.

2. Reliable home consulting. When was the last time you heard a friend recommend a contractor? Unfortunately, because of the industry's bad rep, it may have been awhile! With Ian Douglas Inspections, you'll get a true contracting pro who'll inspect your home and give you honest, reliable advice about needed remodels or upgrades. It's like having your very own, on-call expert!

3. Mold detection. Moisture in your home can lead to mold, which is a lot more dangerous than just a stuffy nose! Ian Douglas Inspections will inspect for moisture and the mold it causes, and advisce you on the next steps once the problem's been detected










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